Art - drawing picture

The photo is a photo and the picture is picture, everything has its own spirit. 
I draw portraits of people, animals. 
Pencil, crayons, pastel.

kresba, portrét, snowshoe, kresbakolie kresbakresba bílý švýcarský ovčák

The cost of the image is according to its intensity and size. 

Kresba tužkou, pastelkou, a pastelem 1 person / animal 2 persons / 2 animals 3 persons / more animals
A5 10 eur 15 eur 20 eur
A4 20 eur 25 eur 30 eur
A3 30 eur 50 eur 70 eur
A2 50 eur 70 eur 90 eur
A1 90 eur 130 eur 170 eur

The price list is valid from 1.1.2018, I am VAT payer, prices are stated without 21% VAT

Important information for art - drawing:

For drawing, it is necessary to send photo and really good picture, sharp, well lit.

Duration of construction - by mutual agreement, usually 30 days. Drawing picture can be created earlier, but it depends a lot on my workload, we certainly negotiate.

Graphics - Draw - personally pick up the image. First, I'll show the image on the email and then send it by post 

Custom Order: 
- each order is individual, it is good for mutual understanding to consult the contract, send the documents by email:, write your ideas about picture in the email and especially the contact information to you so that I can get in touch with you. 
- For new customers, I require a 20% deposit. It is forfeited if I already work on the job, if I have not started to make it, the deposit can be returned.
- I reserve the option of declining the order, as well as canceling it without giving any reason and returning the deposit.

Terms of delivery:
- Payments are transferred to an account on the basis of the issued tax document, the job preview is sent by e-mail, after sending the payment to my account I send by post
Personally pick up the image. First, I'll show the image on the email and then send it by post 
Send your order by email: . It must include - your name and surname, address, telephone contact, order information