Photography, graphic design, web design for breeders

I process design for animal breeders. I will process your entire presentation of your breeding. 
It is very important that your presentations attract your customer (or even family, friends) at a glance. 
The presentation should have its spell, its spirit, it must testify about the thing you are presenting, whether it's a presentation of kennels (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, etc.), ranches, riding halls, farms. 
It is important to have a presentation made for your breeding individual, litter announcements, and more. 
You can also report the birth of your baby this way, then it is a beautiful memory.  
This makes it possible to present any service.
I like to prepare for her.
I have been working on photography and preparing graphics for print or the Internet since 2003.
Older work mostly involved the production of family and corporate calendars (including photos), postcards, business cards, PF.

- Presentation in JPG or print preparation - information leaflets
- business cards, calendars, postcards
- logo 
- facebooke timeline images 
- and other

Price list:

Produkct format price
Graphic web presentation 
- information leaflet about kennel or ranch, presentation of breeding animals, offer of young individuals (puppies, kittens, guinea pigs, rabbits, foals, etc.)
- page header, facebook image, etc
jpg, png 20 euro
Presentation - print flyer - graphic design ready for printing (the price for printing is arranged according to quantity, kind of paper, etc.) jpg, pdf 20 euro
Business cards - graphic design ready for printing jpg, pdf 20 euro
Logo - web, facebook, etc.  jpg, png 20 euro
Nex Year card, Birthday card etc. - graphic design ready for printing jpg, pdf od 15 euro
Information signs - wood burning (pyrography) velikost  20 euro + + price drawing image
Every other product on a given topic   7 euro
updating information    5 euro
Discount for your regular customers   10%

The price list is valid from 1.1.2018, I am VAT payer, prices are stated without 21% VAT


Important information for ordering graphics:

For the preparation of breeding and other graphics, it is necessary to send more than 5 photos and really good pictures, sharp, well lit.

Duration of construction - by mutual agreement, usually 14 days. Graphics can be created earlier, but it depends a lot on my workload, we certainly negotiate.

Graphics - I deliver in jpg form by e-mail 

Custom Order: 
- each order is individual, it is good for mutual understanding to consult the contract, send the documents by email:, write your ideas about graphics in the email - what it is to be a presentation, what to express, the text in the presentation and especially the contact information to you so that I can get in touch with you. 
- For new customers, I require a 20% deposit. It is forfeited if I already work on the job, if I have not started to make it, the deposit can be returned.
- I reserve the option of declining the order, as well as canceling it without giving any reason and returning the deposit.

Terms of delivery:
- Payments are transferred to the account based on the issued tax document, the preview of the work is sent by e-mail, graphics with watermark, I will send you the full size without a watermark after receiving the payment on my account.
Send your order by email: . It must include - your name and surname, address, telephone contact, order information