English and Western riding

Lessons are our specialty, divided into 3 different levels. They are usually individual or shared between 2 or a maximum of 4 riders, so that the instructor can focus on the smallest of details. Horses are assigned based on the rider’s preference and level.

  • Beginners are offered a safe way of getting into horse riding.
  • Advanced beginners are offered lessons to broaden their knowledge and take the horses out for a stroll with our guides.
  • Most qualified riders can attend Western dressage classes in accordance with their needs. You can also bring your own horse into lessons. And they can go horse riding to nature


About me:
- I ride a horse from childhood, my experience is for 30 years. I have been working with horses professionally since 2008 when I opened an equestrian school.
- I'm still learning from the best coaches - Best coach and rider reining Tomáš Martínek (multiple reigning champion), Cutting Jiří Jíša and more

Price list Ranče Dubská Hajnice, s.z.

Valid from 1.9.2016
Ranč Dubská Hajnice s.z.  business identification number: 01306481

 Please order your visit at our ranch !!!

Phone  +420 777 078 097 - I speak only Czech. I speak poorly English on the phone.
Best to order an email rancdubskahajnice@seznam.cz

individual lesson - 20 eur / one hour / one rider
group lesson - max 4 riders - discount for riders - 15 eur / one hour / one rider