Pyrography - wood burning

Pyrography or burning with a hot item made of wood or leather is a great technique, 
in which I discovered magic and this technique was very excited. 
The drawing is burned in wood with a special solder,
it is a very time consuming method and work, 
but breathtaking for its variety of shading. 
Wooden drawings add their charm. 
A beautiful non-traditional, breathtaking gift for your loved ones. 
I can burn the picture according to the photo whether it's an animal or your loved one, or you want to have a beautiful burned image of nature (mountains, landscape with a pond, sunset, etc.) everything is possible. 
But I need a high quality high resolution photo from you. 
The prices depend on the wood material used, the image size, the complexity of the image. 
Approximate sizes and prices, prices are approximate:
pyrography 1 person / animal 2 persons / 2 animals 3 persons / more animals
Small format 10 eur   --
A6 10 eur 15 eur --
A5 20 eur 25 eur --
A4 30 eur 50 eur 70 eur
A3 50 eur 70 eur 90 eur
A2 90 eur 130 eur 170 eur

The price list is valid from 1.1.2018, I am VAT payer, prices are stated without 21% VAT